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with Smart Build

Who we are

Smart Build is a hedge fund founded in 2017 to help people improve their financial well-being by investing with event-driven strategies.

,7% Fund's
monthly returns


Each hedge fund participant receives detailed quarterly statements of all their cash flows with a detailed description of each position.

Our goal is not only to generate income for the client but also to transparently show how we achieved this result.
We will provide individual assistance from professional advisors of our investment partners.

How does it work?

Each client signs a service agreement and gets access to a personal account. Then you choose an investment strategy on your own or with a professional partner consultant's help and invest the desired amount. The hedge fund team will multiply the funds received following the approved plan.

56 companies whose shares
we have bought
4 + years of investment experience
and reputation
320 billion £ under our

Still have questions?

Our priority is the transparency of cooperation, so we are ready to answer any question.

Contact us to learn more and ensure your financial well-being for years to come.